Go: a new, green programming language

23 Dec 2016

A new year calls for new year’s resolutions. Even at Ultraware. Our new year’s resolution: Go. In 2016, our developers started learning a new programming language called Go. If you haven’t heard of this language yet, don’t worry about it. It’s not yet one of the established languages, but we believe Go will eventually make it to the top choices and may even be the replacement for PHP.

Let us tell you why.

What is Golang?

In 2007 Google started developing Go, also known as Golang. In 2009, the language was ready for use. Today, many large companies have rebuilt their applications using Go. Notable examples include Dropbox, Uber and Netflix. Transferring to Go is no easy feat. It requires discipline and a motivated team. Our team has embraced this change and is very motivated to learn the ins and outs of this new language.

There are three reasons to switch from PHP to Go:

  1. Go is more secure than PHP
  2. Go is more efficient than PHP
  3. Go is more sustainable than PHP


A working PHP application requires the PHP source code to be available on the production server. This server is, of course, connected to the internet. If, through some unfortunate event, the server is accessible to others, they will also have access to the source code.

PHP also cannot completely prevent a hacking technique called code injection. Code injection allows malicious individuals to run homemade bits of code, often written to access the information in the application and it’s database, on the server.

With Golang this is not possible. The source code is made into a complied binary, which prevents others from accessing it without our knowledge.


When you make a mistake while writing PHP code, it can sometimes be difficult to find out where this mistake was made. Go is a compiled language. The Go complier helps find and fix bugs before they even make it into the product. That is how Go helps us build software more efficiently which saves you, our customer, both time and money!


Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the cornerstones of Ultraware. A language like Go contributes to this idea. Go is much faster than PHP, which requires less server power for applications built in Go. To give you an idea; a PHP application that requires three servers can easily be run on just one of those servers if it were built in Go. Fewer servers directly translates to a smaller CO2 footprint. Good for people and planet!

Go: investment in the future

Learning a new programming language takes time. Lots of time. But we at Ultraware choose to take this step into the future and embrace Golang. To improve our services, to improve our software, to create a better product.

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