Stan the dinosaur

21 Mar 2017

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In the year 2017, it has become increasingly difficult to imagine a day without Google. Their story began in 1998 and began to gain momentum when they released a search engine based on a new algorithm. Instead of counting the number of times a term was used on the website, they created their indexes based on the number of links to that particular website. This drastically increased the relevance of search results. Back then, the worldwide web was mostly explored through search engines like Alta Vista and categorised clicks through Yahoo. Nowadays “Googling” has found its way into various dictionaries.

Google = innovation

The story didn’t stop there. The Google empire has expanded greatly with added applications like Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Street View, Google Hangouts, Google Mail and many more. The popular mobile operating system, Android, is a Google product too. We can safely say that Google is one of the most innovative companies on this planet.

Peculiar way of doing business

The company appeals to the imagination. It was listed as the very best in lists of best companies to work for. Google’s peculiar way of doing business was praised by many. Bean bags, slides, segways, snacks, nap spots, free meals; these are all things you find at the Googleplex.

And then there’s Stan

And then there’s Stan who provides a stark contrast to all those hypermodern things. Stan the dinosaur. Stan is a cast of one of the best preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex skeletons ever found. The original fossil can be found in South Dakota. Stan watches visitors and employees alike, with a threatening gaze and gaping mouth. Another gimmick?

When Serge visited Silicon Valley last year, he found out this was absolutely not the case. Stan is the silent reminder that today’s world is an innovate or die world.

Innovation to survive

Nowadays, the digital world revolves faster than ever before. What is new today, can be obsolete by tomorrow morning. And yet, many large companies are focussed on short-term profits only. Companies like Alta Vista, Polaroid and Kodak lost their market positions or even completely disappeared from the battlefield of digitalization. Those who are unaware of, or unwilling to deal with these trends, risk losing customers. Innovation is more than just a term that looks pretty in your mission statement, innovation is a dire necessity.

Even when you’ve secured your piece of the cake. Maybe even especially then. Many bigger companies have lost their slice to ambitious start-ups more ready and willing to take the risks that today’s market present.

Where will you stand?

And that’s why Stan stands on Google’s sunny, Californian sidewalk. A silent reminder to passers-by and employees alike, that today’s world is a dog eat dog world. No matter how big your company is. Where will you stand when the meteor of digitisation hits your market?

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