The three lessons from Silicon Valley

13 Dec 2016

Being given an opportunity to travel Silicon Valley, the beating heart of innovation, with 30 entrepreneurs from the north of the Netherlands. Who wouldn’t want that? Serge was given the opportunity to hop on a plane and tag along on this inspiring journey. And with visits Alta Motors, Stanford University Campus, B8ta and Autodesk, the trip sure promised to be inspiring. Serge came back with new insights into entrepreneurship.

Gotten curious? Read the three most important insights below.

Lesson 1: All ideas are good

A lot of people are convinced an idea from Silicon Valley is by default better than one from the Netherlands. This is not true! In Silicon Valley, 70% of these ideas are backed financially by private investors. Individuals willing and daring to take a risk. In the Netherlands, 70% of all ideas are financially backed by banks. Big financial institutions focussed on risk minimalization. A lot of Dutch ideas are smothered before they can fully develop because the investing bank is afraid of possible risks. Your idea is a good idea too, but you need to find a daring investor willing to take the plunge with you.

Lesson 2: Dare to fail

This advice is given very often, and yet only a few people really work with it: Dare to fail. In the Netherlands, failure is still seen as something to avoid at all costs. Silicon valley has a different point of view. Failure is part of the process. Try again, don’t give up! When you let go of the idea that failure is something to be avoided, you’ll eventually grow and learn to think outside the box. Instead, try to see failure as an opportunity to learn.

Lesson 3: Show your dream to the world

Ever since the American Dream was first born, the Americans have dared to dream big. In the Netherlands we have no such thing. Instead we have our Dutch sobriety. This down-to-earth mentality often gets in the way when you want your idea to reach new heights. Your dream is amazing and it belongs out there, on a pedestal. But we Dutch don’t often talk about what makes our blood run faster, and that’s a shame. Let’s put our sobriety and modesty aside for a moment and bring our dream to the world!

The future of Ultraware

These are just three of the many lessons learned in Silicon Valley. Of course there were more, but these three were by far the most important ones. Do you have an idea, an opportunity or a dream but no partner to work with? Contact us! We’ll happily put our Dutch sobriety and modesty aside and team up with you. Let’s dream big, together!

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