Optimizing the business of our customers, that is our goal. Time and again. Years and years of experience, continuous technical innovation and driven employees help us achieve this goal. Day after day.

About Ultraware

In October 2000, Serge started Ultraware. Why? Because he is certain that businesses would benefit greatly from optimization and automatization.

Nowadays, he still firmly believes in what Ultraware stands for. With a team of motivated specialists we work to create software of real value. For you. Our focus is not on the type of software but on the problem that needs to be solved or the process that needs to be optimized. We are not just builders but also architects of efficient businesses. Architects that help develop your business with you. Step by step.

Our team

Pieter Teamlead backoffice development

Pieter describes his task as very simple: strife for perfection with his team.

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Bouwko Security & Linux specialist

Bouwko is a security specialist and deals with ICT-innovations. Besides that, he develops mobile applications.

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Analyzing, optimizing and realizing is something we don’t just apply to software development. When it comes to our environment, we strive to act effectively, efficiently and above all sustainably.

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