Analyzing, optimizing and realizing is something we don’t just apply to software development. When it comes to our environment, we strive to act effectively, efficiently and above all sustainably.


Corporate Social Responsibility

A healthy company is constantly growing and developing. Just like us. To continue delivering sustainable value for our business, now and in the future, we work in a socially responsible way.

A healthy body is essential when you want to deliver the best possible result. We work with motivated developers, analysts and consultants. These ambitious individuals want to make the best of what they have to work with and of themselves. To stimulate this, we offer sports, relaxation and nutrition.

Education and innovation are essential for every sustainable business. We strive towards continuous technical innovation. The knowledge and experience we acquire we don’t just share with our colleagues and customers, but also with the architects of the future: university students.

We don’t just analyse, optimise and realise software but develop our office on exactly the same way. An office with intelligence, that redistributes energy in such a way that maximum efficiency is reached and hardly anything is lost. A healthy working environment contributes to a healthy living environment. Our office has a central control system that controls all other systems for heating, ventilation, light and security. When our last employee has left the office, everything we don’t need is completely shut down. This results in a massive 90% reduction of required energy.

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  • Go: a new, green programming language

    A new year calls for new year’s resolutions. Even at Ultraware. Our new year’s resolution: Go. In 2016, our developers started learning a new programming language called Go. If you haven’t heard of this language yet, don’t worry about it. It’s not yet one of the established languages, but we believe Go will eventually make it to the top choices and may even be the replacement for PHP. Let us tell you why.

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  • The three lessons from Silicon Valley

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