Our team members are driven developers, analysts and consultants. They are all driven employees who love to work with you to get the best results.

Our Team

Marinus Software Developer

The diversity of programming is what Marinus likes best.

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Frank Tester

Frank finds it very interesting to improve products and to make them easier to use for clients.

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Serge CEO

Serge is co-owner of Ultraware, systems analyst and in charge of day to day management. Why did he start Ultraware?

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Marianne Functional analyst

Marianne is Webdeveloper. She develops web applications for our clients.

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Bouwko Security & Linux specialist

Bouwko is a security specialist and deals with ICT-innovations. Besides that, he develops mobile applications.

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Harry Tester/developer

Harry is a very experienced developer. His goal? “Taking the things that clients consider to be a challenge and solving them one step at a time.”

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Monique HRM and Finance

Monique has been involved with Ultraware from the very beginning. “It is wonderful to see a company grow and develop the way Ultraware did."

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Gaston Project- and accountmanager

Gaston likes to keep up the pace. Not only while running or playing his guitar, also while doing his job at Ultraware.

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Rick Webdeveloper

Rick likes making stuff. That is how he first got into contact with programming.

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André Software Architect

André is one of our software architects. He is the mastermind behind the structure of the software and lays the foundations for a fast, durable and flexible system.

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Arjen Developer

Arjen is a developer with an electrotechnical background. “Programming software was much more appealing to me.”

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Sander Teamlead webdevelopment

Sander is team lead webdevelopment. It is his task to manage the webdevelopment team.

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Maarten Test coordinator

Maarten is our guard dog. He works on test strategies and monitors the quality of our products by running and writing (automated) testscripts.

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Petra Office manager

Petra is the real all-rounder in our company. She makes sure both our customers and our team have all they need.

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Pieter Teamlead backoffice development

Pieter describes his task as very simple: strife for perfection with his team.

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Frank Projectmanager and Webdeveloper

Frank is – as he says himself – the man in the middle. “I started working as a webdeveloper when I first came to Ultraware."

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Erik Developer

It makes Erik very happy to see things are working well. “I want to make something of value to our clients.”

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Marcus ICT engineer and facility management

Marcus is the first Ultraware employee ever, and “Still going strong”. Both internal and external ICT related tasks are his to perform.

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Arjan Support engineer/tester

Do you have questions about one of the projects? Then you’ll often end up talking to Arjan.

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Johan Developer

Johan is developer. “I like the challenge of capturing complex processes in simple software.”

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Mitchell Developer

From automating his home, to diving in the sea with his girlfriend. Mitchell has many different hobbies! But what do his hobbies have in common?

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Castro en Whiskey Office stress relief squad

Castro & Whiskey are not just very pretty but also very sweet. They add greatly to the atmosphere and homely feeling at the office.

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Edwin Developer

Edwin is the man behind several new designs and many mobile applications.

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Vincent Delphi developer

Working with big systems and learning new technologies. That is what Vincent loves about his job.

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