Dear client, you don’t want that!

31 May 2016

“You don’t want that!” Not a very cheerful sentence, yet we use it a lot. Not just to colleagues, but especially to clients. Highly appreciated relations. But why? Why do we use this sentence? Why so often? And how is this your (our client’s) business?

An entrepreneur’s growth path

Say, you are entrepreneur and you have a clear goal: a 200% increase on revenue over the next two years. But a great number of things need doing before this goal is reached. One of those things is improving your business software. That’s why you make a plan. An optimisation plan. Or you hire someone to make this plan for you. After all this writing and planning, you come to us. With your plan.

Well, dear entrepreneur: “You don’t want that.”

Problems in software development

As you can see in the following cartoon, there are many ways to view software development. Your plan is not always your dreamed solution. Is your plan really what you need? Does your plan really aid in hitting that goal you so clearly envisioned?

Years and years of experience have taught us that the things written down in your plan are often not the things you really need. Sometimes the things in your plan are not even beneficial to your business. How is that possible? A lot of our clients are inclined to think with the software as the baseline. But it shouldn’t be. Best would be to make the core of your business, your business itself and your goals, the baseline.

Non-binding, free business analysis

Save yourself the trouble of trying to figure out what your ideal software solution should look like. Save yourself the costs of hiring an external consultant. Contact us for a non-binding, free business analysis. For your convenience, we will analyse your business and we will come up with a fitting solution.

For business efficiency

How does that work? Call us to make a non-binding appointment in which we willll talk about your company. You tell us about your desires and ambitions. We find the matching solution.

We are not just the builder but also the architect of an efficient business. An architect that contributes to the development of your business in close cooperation with you. We use today’s possibilities to build tomorrow’s software. Now and in the future. More about the way we work.

Costs of custom development

So, this must be very expensive, right? On the contrary. Business analysis is something we do at the very beginning and for free. When we find out what your optimised business would look like, we seek to automate it. And if our solution is not the one you want? Then we will build nothing and you will not need to pay for anything at all.

You don’t want that. Or do you?

Our clients are Kings. Always. However, when we see you asking for something that will not benefit your business and your company, we will tell you: “ You don’t want that!”

So call us now and plan that non-binding, free business analysis. Share your dreams. Share your goals and ambitions! We will help you realise it.

Dear client. You want this.

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