Delphi software available for Linux

21 Mar 2016

Do you want to make your Delphi software available to Linux servers? Soon, you will be able to thanks to an update by Idera, the developer behind the Delphi programming environment. This update enables developers to bring existing Delphi applications to Linux, improve stability and decrease development costs. Let us give you an update!

Software development in Delphi

We build software using the Delphi integrated development environment. Delphi was originally made to write applications for Windows only. Nowadays, developing for just windows won’t suffice. If you wanted to make your software suitable for Linux servers, you would have needed to invest extra development hours into rebuilding the exact same application in a different language.

Soon: Delphi for Linux

All this is about to change. This year, the beta version of the Delphi Linux-compiler (suitable for 64-bits processors) will be made available. This allows for existing Delphi applications to be made available on Linux (iOS, OSx, Android and Windows are already available). This has a few interesting benefits:

  • Lower development costs: software needs to be written only once.
  • More stability, lower server costs: The update is geared towards server-side software. Applications no longer require a windows-server. Linux is a free of license fees and stable.

For example: If you were running an application on 20 Windows-servers, you could probably run the same application on 8 Linux-servers. In addition you would save money on license fees, since Linux is free.

Bèta version of the update

So when will you be seeing the profits of this update? The beta-release will be available in 2016. That’s when we will start testing with it. As soon as the update is market-ready, we can help you make your software available for Linux. Do you want to build and explore with us? We happily invite you to send us your resume. Are you a (future) client? Contact us and we’ll determine when and how we can let you benefit from this exciting new development.

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