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Delphi is a development framework for the Pascal programming language. This language was named after mathematician Blaise Pascal and has been used mostly to develop native applications for Windows. The latest versions are used to make Apps and are very well suited for iOS, OSx, Android and (soon) Linux.

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When viewed from a distance, ERP and CRM seem much alike. Both offer employees of a company important management information. The difference lies with the primary goal of the software. ERP is mainly designed to provide an insight into the options for business improvement while CRM helps manage customers and orders.

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We are often asked how much a custom software application costs. There is no simple answer to this question. A large number of factors need to be taken into account; time, availability, programming language, connections to other applications etc.

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Integration of different software packages and -appliations can be a complex matter. The difference in programming language, supplier or even age of the application can add tremendous difficulty.

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Software consultancy is, in a nutshell, advice on software. Ultraware likes to turn those words around. You only know which software to use when consultancy has been done. This consult is tailor made to your company. Every company has its own unique desires and demands. We help those companies when it comes to software.

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