What is Delphi software?

Delphi is an integrated development environment for the Pascal programming language. This language was named after mathematician Blaise Pascal and has been used mostly to develop native applications for Windows. The latest versions are used to make Apps and are very well suited for iOS, OSx, Android and (soon) Linux.

Recent developments

There are several versions of Delphi. From the very first version (Version 1) to the latest version Delphi XE10. Delphi (versions 5-7) is often viewed as an outdated environment that is very difficult to work with. After the release of the XE versions however, Delphi has become a multiplatform environment with renewed possibilities. However, taking the step from an older version to the latest versions requires experience and expertise. Ultraware provides consultations and conversions.

Why choose Delphi?

Often companies think using older versions of Delphi means having to rebuild everything in a different environment. This does not need to be the case. Lately a lot of companies have actually chosen to rebuild with Delphi because of its possibilities. Because it was not written specifically for one platform, applications can easily be published on other platforms. The Delphi environment also stands for speed and being able to handle large amounts of data.

Delphi developers

Ultraware is Delphi specialist. Our developers, engineers and consultants are certified professionals who keep a keen eye out for all developments related to Delphi. Whether you are looking for a temporary capacity upgrade or advice on a certain procedure: our Delphi specialists are there for you.

Free software analysis?

We will happily come talk to you about what Delphi has to offer to your business and business software. Contact us for a free business analysis appointment! Within the hour we will analyse various applications and software packages and find opportunities to connect and optimise.

Free business analysis appointment

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