What is Software Consultancy?

Software consultancy is, in a nutshell, advice on software. Ultraware likes to turn those words around. You only know which software to use when consultancy has been done. This consult is tailor made to fit your company. Every company has its own unique desires and demands. We help those companies when it comes to software.

Ultraware’s three steps: Analyse, Optimise, Realise

Step 1. Analyse: What is the current situation?
We take a look at what is going on in your business right now. What software is currently in use? How does that work for you? We use this to make an extensive analysis of your company.

Step 2. Optimise: What can be improved?
The next step is software optimisation. With the analysis from step one as a starting point, our consultants and developers will take the first steps to an optimised business by improving the software currently running in your company.

Step 3. Realise: What is the optimal solution?
The software that best fits the unique needs of your company is tailored to fit your situation. Our custom software is under continuous monitoring and development

Software consultancy by Ultraware

✓ Costs in control

✓ Fast: We can start working immediately

✓ Flexible

✓ Experienced

Our software consultants are up to date on the latest software developments. They can help you improve your business, through software.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I connect different software packages and -applications?
  • Can you connect online applications to offline systems?
  • Should I hire my own consultants or hire an external consultant?
  • How do I make sure my software is ready for the latest developments?
  • What can be improved through software?

The questions above are all very relevant to the companies we work with. Let us analyse your software and business, and we will gladly answer them for you.

Contact us for a free business analysis

Contact us now and make a free business analysis appointment. Together we will explore the possibilities and fit them to meet your goals. We will use your business as a baseline. After all, software has to work for your company and not the other way around. An efficient business and optimal cooperation between software components work directly towards an optimal end result.

Free business analysis

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