What is the cost of software development?

We are often asked how much a custom software application costs. There is no simple answer to this question. A large number of factors need to be taken into account; time, availability, programming language, connections to other applications etc. More important than the costs of software development are the benefits of software development. What is your intended goal for your custom software? This is the starting point in every software analysis meeting. The answer to that question will eventually lead to how much the software will yield to you.

Custom software; something for my company?

In many companies, several software packages and applications work together. Sadly, those packages rarely work together to full efficiency. By properly connecting those applications, you create an efficiently synergetic system that works for your company instead of just in your company. Ultraware specialises in connecting software. Does your company use more than one of the following; ERP, CRM, bookkeeping software, mail, call registration, agenda, document management, cloud, process management? Then getting them connected is a must.

Software analysis

We analyse your current situation and together we set goals for your company. By carefully mapping the systems running in your business, we determine which functionality is desired and which software can best used to that end. If needed, we write this software ourselves.

Start saving!

Do you want to spend less money on IT and Software? We will help you calculate the benefits of a harmoniously functioning application landscape.

Proper custom software gives you:

  • Optimised business processes
  • Less working hours
  • Lower maintenance costs of current software packages

Ultraware for tailormade software solutions

We want to help you by providing an insight into what will be the best for your company, whether this is means spending less money or less time. In the end, the benefits will weigh in heavier than the costs.

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