What’s the difference between ERP and CRM?

When viewed from a distance, ERP and CRM seem much alike. Both offer employees of a company important management information. The difference lies with the primary goal of the software. ERP is mainly designed to provide an insight into the options for business improvement while CRM helps manage customers and orders.

Abbreviation ERP

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning.

Examples of ERP software
Abbreviation CRM

CRM stands for Customer Relations Management.

Examples of CRM software

What do I have to keep in mind when choosing ERP and/or CRM?

It is essential to know which goal you want to reach. If you want insight in revenue, customers and profit margins, and want to create a reliable forecast then CRM is the software to go to.

However, if you want to optimise your business and increase efficiency, ERP is a better choice. ERP helps to standardise procedures within your company and organises data in ways that are useful to all employees.

Many companies use both an ERP and a CRM system. Some software companies, like Compenda, offer both services in the same software package.

Software analysis

Ultraware offers free software analysis. We can also provide an insight in what an ERP or CRM package has to offer to your company. The most important part of a successful CRM or ERP implementation however, is connecting it to other applications in your business. An optimal result can only be reached by harvesting data from other sources such as mail, financial software, call registration and/or your own website.

Free software analysis

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