We at Ultraware analyse company processes and realize company software. We strive to work from requirement to solution in close cooperation with you, our customer. Our goal; creating a product with real value for your company.

How We Work

Software analysis

Do you want to increase your company’s efficiency? We love to help you by turning requirements into solutions. That is why every cooperation starts with a thorough analysis of your business. What is happening now? What leaves room for improvement? The result is an unbiased recommendation for optimisation.

Software optimisation

Your company is alive, growing and never standing still. Just like your company software. By carefully analysing your company and its processes, we know where and how we can optimalise them. You are in control. Step by step we create software with real added value for your business.

Software development

What is the best solution? As soon as we know how to improve a business, development starts. This is a cyclical process. Together we choose which aspect of our optimisation has focus, and work on it. After releasing the software solution, we monitor the effects. This information can then again be used to further optimise your solution.

Cyclical development

We work with development cycles. This means we reach our final goal in a number of short periods (cycles). At the end of each cycle we realise a small piece of software, test it carefully and release it for production use as soon as possible. User experience and company feedback are key in the following cycles. That is how we develop your company software; step by step and in a methodology that guarantees valuable and effective implementation of software..

Every organisation deserves custom software.


Technical innovation is essential to any organisation. We at Ultraware are equipped for continuous innovation. We use this ability to create even more value for our clients. Not just for ourselves, but for you and your organisation. And other organisations. If we innovate together, we improve together.

Ultraware was invited to give a presentation about our innovative middleware architecture at ITDevCon in Milan.

Custom- and standard software

Every organisation deserves custom software. Software developed to fit your specific needs and desires. However, in reality this is not always a viable option.

At Ultraware we combine custom- and standard software to optimise your business. Our cyclical development methodology helps you manage the allotted budget.

With standard software applications like Compenda, Exact, Snelstart and Unit4 in our portfolio, we have an excellent track record. Compenda is our very own standard package and has grown from years and years of experience in developing company software.

For more information about Compenda, please visit www.compenda.nl (Only in Dutch).

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