The worlds of front- and backoffice are ruled by different software packages and webapplications. We help you utilize these for maximum efficiency. From analysis to implementation, with an optimised business as the ultimate result.

Our proposition: From analysis to implementation

What we have to offer

How do you improve the efficiency of software in your business? It is our business to turn your challenges into solutions. We utilize knowledge gained through years and years of experience. Knowledge of both technical innovation and economic affairs. That is why our solutions are not limited to IT, but tailor made to fit the whole of your business. You can do what you do best, the way you want to do it, without having to change your entire company to fit your IT solution.

The ultimate result is an optimized business that actively utilizes state of the art technologies.

Automation with custom made software

How can you make your software work for you? Nowadays you find software tightly interwoven with your company. From back to front. Administration, customer service, logistics, finance; software is everywhere. But do you really use all those applications to their full potential? We have years of experience in developing companywide software solutions to optimally support your business. If necessary, we use standard applications. The ultimate result is an optimized business that actively utilizes state of the art technologies.

Business Optimisation: Connecting applications

How do you unlock the full potential of all your business data? Or properly secure that same data? We love to build your web applications. Online platforms that seamlessly connect to and integrate with your back-office. How about an app that allows your employees to fill out their timesheets, where ever they are, whenever they want. Or an application that gives real-time insight in your stock levels. Once the applications are up and running, we continue our cycle of analysis and optimisation to ensure durable effectiveness.

Our products:

Our services:

  • Delphi upgrade
  • Consultancy
  • Connecting hardware (PLC’s)
  • Linux hosting
  • Security

We use:

  • RUST
  • Java
  • Xcode

  • .NET
  • QT
  • JavaScript

Delphi upgrade

Are you ready for a new and improved Delphi development environment? As Delphi specialists, we are happy to help you on your way. After a thorough analysis we happily update your software to the latest releases!

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Mobile applications

Do you want to help your employees by putting their daily workload, literally, underneath their fingertips? We develop mobile applications for both iOS and Android, custom made to fit your wishes and business.

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