Are you ready for a whole new Delphi development environment? Do you want to define your own look and feel and modernise the interface? Maybe you even want to extend it with mobile- and web applications? We love to use our Delphi expertise to help you on your way. After a thorough analysis we happily update your environment to the latest releases.

Delphi upgrade

Quick insights with a Delphi specialist

A Delphi upgrade directly affects your code, which makes it a risky and sometimes complex task. Conversion to Unicode or keeping all external programs and hardware in mind can prove to be tricky. We love to use our knowledge and experience to help you out. After a quickscan we can provide insights into the extent of the task ahead. As soon as you know what needs to be done, we can help you and your team implement the necessary changes. Alternatively, we can perform the entire update for you.

On average we analyse approximately 5.000.000 lines of code in 1,5 days

The perks of Delphi XE

  • Modern Windows 10 user interface. Look and feel can be customised.
  • Improved performance. Use the speed of 64-bits.
  • Supports development of webportals and mobile apps.
  • Attractive environment. Code faster using the latest techniques.
  • Powerful, maintainable code.

Getting the latest version

Delphi is often regarded as an outdated development environment, but it’s software are still widely in use in the fields of office automation, web services and industrial automation. The older versions (5 through 7) no longer live up to modern expectations. Luckily, the more recent XE versions do offer powerful options to expand and extend your software into the future. These versions even offer the possibility to develop mobile applications for iOS, OSx, Android and Linux with a single codebase!


André Mussche – Delphi specialist


Of course our support doesn’t end the moment the upgrade is complete. We can help your team ahead with regards to further development of the software and can keep you up to date with advice about the latest techniques and methods. We can even help you modernise your code. We often assist with applying structural improvements like automated tests. Call us, as often as you want, and make the most of your brand new Delphi XE development environment.


So, are you ready to take the next step? Call us (+31 592 40 88 77) or fill out the contact form, and one of our specialists will call you back.

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