Do you want to facilitate the everyday actions of your employees by making them available, literally, right underneath their fingertips? You can! Mobile applications have become a widely accepted part of our daily work routine. Especially when there is no desktop computer available. We develop beautiful apps for iOS and Android, made to fit your wishes and business.

Mobile applications

Apps wherever you need them

Apps have found their way into almost every corner of every market imaginable. Healthcare apps help track medicine use and create log files. Educational apps push schedule changes to smartphones and provide an insight in results of tests. In Logistics truck drivers rely on mobile apps to find routes, scan barcodes, track orders, etc. If you can imagine it, we can probably build it.

Why choose a mobile application?

  • Available offline
  • Fast and efficient
  • Optimised for your device
  • Integration with other functions of the device

Usability is key

Facilitating the right functionality with the right interface is the key to success. That’s why we start every project at your business and your wishes. We also strife to involve users as early as possible. Together we determine the course of the project.

“We can update your app without having to offer it to the app store as an update. Nice and quick!”

Native apps

We develop native apps to provide an optimal user experience. Our apps are designed separately for iOS and Android, to keep them close to the interface the user is used to. Native apps integrate seamlessly with functionality already available on the smartphone, like navigation, camera, telephone and your personal planning.

Custom and customizable

All mobile apps Ultraware makes are a combination of standard and custom software, which gives us both the head start of standard software and the custom user experience of full custom software. Using our own standard software as a basis, we are able to improve your app without having a full release through the appstore or playstore. Adding information or even a whole new menu item can be done very quickly.

Agile development

We use the Agile development methodology and its iterative development cycle. In short phases (iterations) we work to realise your mobile app. In every phase, functionality is added. At the end of the phase, this new functionality will be ready for release. Together we determine the contents of the next phase.

After realisation, you can come to us for further optimisation and new possibilities.

So, do you want a mobile app?

Do you want more information about developing a mobile app for your organisation? Contact us! Call us (+31 592 40 88 77) or fill out the contact form and one of our mobile specialists will get back to you as soon as possible.

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