Iddink Group

Iddink Group is an educational service supplier. They provide educational materials for schools and students through integrated schoolportals. Iddink and Ultraware have been partners from the very beginning and that cooperation is still going strong. Wijnand Spring in ’t Veld and Gijs van der Wielen tell about this cooperation. Wijnand: “We develop shoulder to shoulder.”

Iddink Group; From distribution to ERP.

Iddink began in the early 20th century, as a supplier of educational materials. Today, the company is strategic partner to numerous educational institutions in the Netherlands. Not only do they deliver the school’s books and digital materials, they also provide a full-fledged platform for everything concerning the administrative side of education. Wijnand: “We provide the ERP-system for schools.”

They do this through subsidiary companies Iddink Nederland and Schoolmaster (Magister). Together they serve over 800.000 students in the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain.

“Almost everything at Iddink was automated by Ultraware.”

Wijnand Spring in 't Veld - CEO

A customer from the first moment

Iddink has been a customer from the first moment Ultraware came into existence. In fact, Ultraware came into existence because of Iddink. “Iddink was a family business. When Henk van Schuppen bought the company in 1999, he wanted more automation. He hired Serge and Jelle. They saw the birth of beautiful, ambitious plans that generated a substantial amount of work. Henk encouraged them to start their own business.” And that is exactly what they did. Today we still work together in the same close cooperation. Wijnand: “Almost everything at Iddink was automated by Ultraware.”

Shoulder to shoulder development

What is typical for our cooperation? Wijnand: “Ultraware has grown with us and our sector. Together we keep an eye on what is happening in our sector and discuss how we can implement these developments into our business. It’s a very open cooperation. A lot of ideas were born by simply talking about these developments. And it doesn’t just stay in this conception phase because – and this is important – Ultraware is quick to follow up.”

Trust and reliability

Gijs adds: “We work with various companies. Ultraware is not like any standard software developer.” What sets Ultraware apart? “Trust and reliability. After years of cooperation you know exactly what to expect. They project themselves into our situation and dare to ask critical questions.”

“We work with various companies. Ultraware is not like any standard software developer.”

Gijs van der Wielen - CIO

But surely there must be room for improvement somewhere? Wijnand: “When you work together so closely, there will always be little things to bother you. Overall we are very happy about this partnership. They meet goals, understand our market and think with us. Our partnership is no point of discussion.” And that is how it is. We at Ultraware are proud to be working with such a wonderful client.

The Iddink Back-office relies on our software solutions. Customer support, contacts, contracts, billing, payments and ofcourse, purchase and sales of educational supplies. Iddink uses, almost exclusively, Ultraware applications, with unsurpassed efficiency as a result.

Be they students or schools, customers depend on the availability of a solid web platform. Schools use this web platform to build their lists and students, in turn, use that same platform to purchase the items on those lists and access purchased digital materials. Between may and july, thousands of orders are received through the website. The connections between the website and the backoffice systems assure smooth and fully automated integration.

Together we discuss the current state of affairs in the educational sector. What is happening? How can we respond? How can we lead? We make sure business and ICT are always in sync.

Iddink knows a peak season in which hundreds of temporary employees work its extensive warehouse. They face the challenge of making over 600,000 sets of books and see them delivered to the students. In addition, the bulk orders placed by the schools themselves are processed. Our software sustains this process. Our applications calculate optimal space use in the warehouse, assists with order picking and sustains the whole of service and support.

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