L-Concept Consultancy

L-concept consultancy is expert in the area of capacitymanagement, flexibilisation and scheduling. They develop, organise and implement methods and procedures for healthcare, government and commercial enterprises. Their tool is C-Estimate, software developed and maintained by sister company Trajectory and Ultraware. Johan Last, owner of both companies, tells about working with Ultraware.

The right tools for calculations, from excel to software

Our joint work on C-Estimate began in 2010. Johan: “I am not really an IT-man. I am consultant on capacitymanagement, flexibilization and scheduling.

But I needed the right tools to make the right calculations and give solid advice. At first I worked in Excel. My clients saw what I did and told me they wanted this for their companies. That was the moment I approached Ultraware.”

C-Estimate was developed using the existing methods of L-Concept consultancy. “To make sure we were building futureproof software, I mapped the entire process. Including the calculations. After that, Ultraware translated the information to a database schema.”

Consulting company with custom software

Now, L-Concept uses the software to solve problems in healthcare-, governmental- and commercial offices. “We use the software as an addition to our consultations at L-Concept Consultancy. We also resell the software through our company Trajectory.”

“For custom software, Ultraware is a place to go.”

Johan Last - Owner

Continuous development

According to Johan, our joint work is of excellent quality. The software is under continuous development.

We know each other very well and both parties are always open to dialogue. Every now and then, speed and quick delivery are essential. This goes with the occasional sigh, but Ultraware has never failed to deliver.”

Custom is always possible

What should other people know about Ultraware? Johan: “For custom software, Ultraware is a place to go. They deliver high quality software; stability and speed are good. Customer goes before computer and my demands weigh heavier than technical limits. Outstanding!”

We have translated the L-Concept Consultancy method for capacitymanagement to a design for software to facilitate this method.

After creating a database model and mapping the business, Ultraware has implemented C-Estimate.

The L-Concept method is under continuous scrutiny and improvement, which also demands continuous software development. User feedback is processed and often leads to improvements. We work together to improve the quality of our software with every release.

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