Tolken Select

Tolken Select is an interpreter- and translation agency. They offer quality services as mediators for interpreters and translations. The company has seen a steady growth since its start in 2011. “Our systems need to be prepared for this,” says Anita Meijer, owner and founder of Tolken Select. We help them in that area. A story about a growing company and her tailor-made software.

Solid ground at Ultraware

Before Tolken Select came to us, the company had worked with several software suppliers. Anita: “At every other supplier we eventually stranded in what was possible, or rather the impossibilities. The software we received was confusing, instable and not safe.”

“Together we build the future. Literally and figuratively speaking." - Anita Meijer, owner Tolken Select

Business in a flowchart

Eventually Anita reached out to Ultraware. “Together with Serge we went back to the essence. We went through all our business procedures, from first contact to billing. Every procedure was made clear by putting it in a flowchart.”

Custom software from Ultraware

Tolken Select’s growth comes with certain demands from the back-office. “Our clients grow both in number and in size. Our systems need to be prepared for this. It is reassuring to know that Ultraware can add custom software to Compenda. Exactly there where we need it.”

Ultraware starts where Compenda stops. This translates to an excellent cooperation. “Good. We think business and Ultraware thinks business. This is very pleasant. The only difficulty is the fact that it can be hard to make an estimate on how many hours a project will take and to put a budget on it.”

Tolken Select ready for the future

Tolken Select is growing steadily and we are there to support. “Together we build the future. Literally and figuratively speaking. Should we suddenly grow very quickly, I am certain that we are ready.”

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