Van Smaak

Van Smaak is a mealsupplier from Drachten. For more than 45 years they have been delivering meals to front doors and fridges. Their customers are both individual households and care facilities in the northern Netherlands. Approximately 5000 meals are produced each day! Together with van Smaak we work to optimise their business. We spoke to Durk Tolsma, business manager at Van Smaak, about this cooperation.

Business optimisation

Van Smaak uses custom software which is under development by Ultraware. Van Smaak: “Back then, we were looking for a company to take our hand and help us out. A partner that could help us make choices about automation. And we found one. Ultraware is a company that really engages and comes up with advice, solutions and business optimisations.

Automation of production

A prime example is the way we improved the automated production process together. “The systems we used were unreliable and slow. This caused unwanted delays. Together we restructured the software. Ever since the go-live, the new system has been reliable and fast. This, in turn, has resulted in increased efficiency and has opened doors to future development.”

Production at Van Smaak

The project; step by step

Our cooperation with Van Smaak distinguishes itself by regularity. Ultraware and the Van Smaak board meet every month and the Ultraware projectteam has the Van Smaak software under continuous development. “What we especially like about our partnership with Ultraware is our mutual preference for short projects and cyclical development. A big project is cut into bitesize pieces. Once one of those pieces is realized, we immediately put it to the test. A very pleasant way of working.”

“It hasn’t been cheap, but we now we reap what we have sown.” – Durk Tolsma, Business manager Van Smaak

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